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Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid

Bring back balance and harmony with an Orgone Pyramid Energy Generator. Perfect for Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids, home office decor, gifts, and more! Base size: About 50mm Material:Amethyst crystal ball, Resin,Copper,Amethyst. It's made entirely by myself, so each will be slightly different. Orgonite Crystals Pyramid Made by Orgonite Metals and Different Natural Crystals source from different parts of the world. Powerful Vibrational Energy is generated when Natural Chakra crystals react with Orgone Energy which bring positivity all around. Orgonite features: continuous work; converts negative energy into positive energy; purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water; helps plants grow better; often treats insomnia and chronic nightmares; helps awaken your innate heart-inspired officer. Provide strong vitality support, maintain human health, energetic, and reduce physical damage caused by environmental pollution. Because every crystal and stone is unique, so there may have slightly different details, but guarantee that every quality is as beautiful as the picture. Package:1pc orgone pyramid